Our Story

Mizu Lab was founded by two Korean visionaries, Angelina and Soomi. Committed to promoting self-care and addressing challenges such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, they established Mizu Lab in Los Angeles, California. Their mission: to fill a gap in the market for Asian flavors and formulate flavorful drink mixes that boldly challenge the misconception that health-conscious choices can't be irresistibly delicious.

A Vision for Nutritious Indulgence

With unwavering determination, Angelina and Soomi formulated three unprecedented flavors, marrying delicious Asian inspirations with wellness — each a sugar-free adventure enriched with electrolytes and vitamins. To this day, Mizu Lab stands as a harmonious blend where the richness of Asian flavors meets scientific research. Cheers to a world that embraces both health and delectability!